Custom auto paint Las Vegas – Why to choose a professional service provider?

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Romas auto collision is a reputed company having skilled technicians who use revolutionary auto repair techniques to save customer’s money by repairing only the damaged area of an automobile. Therefore there is no need to repair the entire surface of a vehicle for a dent on the door panel or a scratch on the bumper. Since scratches and dents damage the exterior of the vehicle as well as the monetary value of the vehicle therefore it is highly advisable to get your car repaired as soon as possible to avoid any further damage. If you are searching best damaged cars repair Las Vegas NV to get your car repaired then Romas auto collision is the best place for you.

Our company offers inexpensive auto body repair work including routine maintenance as well as large repairs caused because of exterior vehicle damage. Many customers also utilize our services for touch up work for vans, cars and motorcycles. Various car repairs can be done by using the revolutionary techniques by our technicians. A few items on the list include:

  • Scratches to door panels, front and back bumpers and wheels
  • Dents to any piece of the vehicle exterior
  • Interior blemishes can also be repaired such as small holes in plastic trim, rips in upholstery, cigarette burns on seats, windscreen chips, dashboard or other interior structures.

Since repairs are limited to the damaged parts only therefore it cuts down the cost of auto body repair because it makes the project less time consuming. We use specially designed paints to match identically with the existing paint. This eradicates the need to repaint the whole vehicle for repairing a small part of the vehicle. This special custom auto paint Las Vegas used by our company dries quickly. These two elements contribute a lot to the dramatic cost saving methods used by our company.

Damaged bumpers and spoilers need costly repairs but our company uses plastic welding and finishing techniques on the original pieces of the vehicles. This method eliminates the need of replacing the parts and hence saves the customers from paying big bills. Our skilled workers are capable of repairing the fabrics and upholstery without removing the interior vinyl, fabrics and leather. Stains, spills, burns brought because of everyday use can also be repaired easily at little cost. If you are searching car repair shops Las Vegas exotic car then Romas auto collision is a perfect place for you. For more details, log on to

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