About Us

Romas Auto Collision is one of the most reputed auto paint, repair and maintenance full time service providers in the Las Vegas city of the Nevada state in the USA. We have 35 years of past experience. Thus, we have a very strong goodwill in the market. We have collaboration with a number of auto insurance companies. But we do not work under the contract of any auto insurance company that is we directly work with our customers. Our aim is the best interest and satisfaction of our customers. We provide all our valuable services to you with the most reasonable service charges.

We offer the following auto related services:

  • Auto painting

  • Auto repair

  • Auto parts replacement

  • Maintenance

  • Auto part correction

  • Auto servicing

Our organization is a government recognized and certified organization. Thus, you can always fully rely on us. We provide the above-mentioned auto services for all types of automobiles like cars, motor cycles, bikes, trucks, scooters and many more. All big as well small types of vehicles can be painted and repaired by us. We provide the best services for automobiles of all the brands in the world. Our service also does not depend on the age of the automobile.

Our auto service provider company contains highly skilled technicians who have ASE Certifications and are renowned mechanics. We also contain a number of Auto Body Specialists with ICAR certifications. Our company also specializes in art painting, matching systems and the auto correction equipment of UNI body frame.  We always use the top quality and advanced equipment, tools, technologies for the entire auto repair, correction and other maintenance services. Thus, you can always expect the best auto related servicing from us. We will give you no chances of any complain.

Our customers all over the city of Las Vegas, Nevada are hugely satisfied with the best auto repair, paint and maintenance services provided by us. Old automobiles look like brand new after the effective paint and repair services provided by our company. We also repair the automobiles under urgent situations when the automobile suffers severe damages due to road accidents. Our company also provides the top quality tires and wheels in the auto part replacement services. Thus, the automobile which is repaired by us gives the best service for long future years. You can always contact us for your auto services at our official address Location: 2814 Marco St. Las Vegas, NV 89115.